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Convert text with ANSI color codes to HTML or to LaTeX.

Inspired by and developed off of the work of pixelbeat and blackjack.

Read the docs for more informations.

Example - Python API

from ansi2html import Ansi2HTMLConverter
conv = Ansi2HTMLConverter()
ansi = "".join(sys.stdin.readlines())
html = conv.convert(ansi)

Example - Shell Usage

$ ls --color=always | ansi2html > directories.html
$ sudo tail /var/log/messages | ccze -A | ansi2html > logs.html
$ task rc._forcecolor:yes limit:0 burndown | ansi2html > burndown.html

See the list of full options with:

$ ansi2html --help

Get this project:

$ pip3 install ansi2html

Source: pycontribs/ansi2html



ansi2html is licensed LGPLv3+.